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Hotel development and branding is a thorough process that involves copious creative energy from our entire team. Here's how it goes down.


1. We Will Hang Out With You

Fuel leadership will travel anywhere in the world just to get to know you and the vision for your next hotel. We will have drinks. We will have dinner. We will even go snowmobiling.


It's what we call an "Immersion Trip," and we do exactly that — we get immersed. In the destination, the atmosphere, the way of life.

2. We Will Build The Brand

Fresh with inspiration from our immersion excursion, Fuel will dive head first into a research expedition. We'll look at the latest travel trends, find out what floats peoples' boats, and examine the kind of competition you're up against.


And we will be hungry for the day you become what they are up against.


It is here we begin crafting the character of your hotel. That means giving it a name and a logo, identifying its DNA, and supporting that DNA with sturdy pillars.


3. We Will Bring That Brand to Life

We will produce every piece you need to tell the story of your hotel — from the biggest and boldest brand video telling the world we're here, to the smallest and simplest card telling your guests the ice is down the hall. No matter the message or where it lives, Fuel will make sure it looks and sounds like one consistent, coherent brand. Because it is.


4. We Will Be With You Every Step of the Way

We'll cut that ribbon with you on your grand opening. We'll sip your signature cocktail as we toast your 1-year anniversary and every year after. And the all the while, we'll be getting our hands dirty — revising menus as they change with the seasons, building a dynamic video and photo library, and hitting the presses with fresh advertising campaigns.


We will be continuously polishing your brand, because it should always be as full of life as it is on day one.


5) We Will Do it Again

Got another hotel on the horizon? Let's take it from the top.

About Fuel Capabilities
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